Yanessa Roman


“Reflect on everything you’ve ever learned about dance. Now, throw it out the window. Let’s begin.”

Yanessa Roman takes pride in being a “late bloomer” in the dance world. She thrives on the well-known quote, “It’s never too late to start.” At age twelve, Yanessa joined Paramount Dance Studios in the hopes of living a more active lifestyle. She knew once she hit the stage for the first time that dance was going to be much more than just a hobby. Dance became a passion and Paramount was her home away from home. With perseverance, dedication, and hard work, Yanessa joined the competition team at the age of fourteen. This gave her the opportunity to compete for numerous routines, participate in dance conventions, and perform in her community. Although Yanessa received recognition from both Paramount and dance competitions, she felt the biggest award would soon become a reality- teaching dance. Yanessa knew since she was five years old that she would become a teacher. She was able to combine her two passions- dancing and teaching- to create what she now recognizes as her ‘dream job.’ Yanessa began her educational journey in high school, Robert Morgan Educational Center, where she studied Early Childhood Education and assisted teachers at her dance studio. There, she received a certificate at graduation that made her eligible to teach at any licensed pre-school in Florida. This training was helpful when she began teaching at Paramount Dance Studios by the age of seventeen. Yanessa has been teaching at Paramount ever since, which gave her the opportunity to spread her dance knowledge at other studios, schools, and programs. She teaches most styles– tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, and improv to students ages 3-18— making her a well-rounded instructor. Yanessa continues her passion for teaching at Miami-Dade College where she studies Exceptional Student Education. She finds it important for teachers to have knowledge on how to work with children on either side of the spectrum. Yanessa believes that teachers are learners as well and should never stop growing or gaining knowledge. She continues to challenge herself as an instructor and a dancer. Yanessa loves learning and being inspired by her students, colleagues/bosses, and experiences in college and hopes to gain even more knowledge throughout her teaching journey. Her ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment that encourages students to step out of the box and promote confidence, independence, and perseverance in all students.