Tiffany Malcolm


“Never say I can’t only because you can.”

Tiffany Malcolm was born in Miami Florida and began dancing at the age of three. During her years as a dancer, she would compete with Paramount Dance Studios, attending and winning scholarships from competitions such as JUMP, West Coast Dance Explosion, Kids Artistic Review and more. She has trained in a range of eclectic styles from Ballet to Ballroom, receiving most of her dance education from Lianna Reynolds and Ashley Beckno until she graduated in 2016. She has attended some of the finest schools in Miami including Southwood Middle School and Coral Reef High School where she was apart of their elite dance academy. While she attended both schools she managed to win four National Championships alongside her dance teams. She is now a dance major at Miami Dade College, where she is pursuing a degree in Dance/Education. This is her second year teaching at Paramount where she teaches various classes year round.