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Styles of Dance


Paramount provides professionally-instructed dance classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Belly dancing, Breakdancing, Salsa, and Ballroom by some of South Florida’s finest teachers. Located in Homestead, FL, and Miami, FL.
Our dance classes are successful in providing advancement, knowledge, and excitement, as all classes are kept at a controlled size.
From ages 3 to Adult our dance classes are sure to give everyone with a love for dance the ability to engage and express such feelings within this art form.

LYRICAL (All Ages)

A cross between the grace and fluidity of Ballet and the strength and passion of Jazz, Lyrical movement is expressible and entertaining. The lyrical style is known for its strong technique and performance/storytelling qualities. (Ballet and Jazz are the pre-requisites for lyrical.)

Contemporary (All Ages)

This class incorporates ballet, modern, and jazz for the technically trained dancer. Students learn how to manipulate their core and move their bodies with ease and fluidity. Contemporary dance is an expressive genre that emerged in the 20th century, because of its versatility, contemporary dance is used in a variety of performance mediums.

Ballet (All Ages)

Class includes traditional barre and center work, which focuses on building strong technique. Teachers emphasize on body placement, posture, muscle memory, control and flexibility. Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance, allowing a classically trained dancer to use their skill learned in this class for any other dance discipline.

Jazz (All Ages)

Jazz classes require some form of moderate intensity stretching in order to warm up the muscles and help prevent injuries. This class built off the basics of Ballet (balance, control, and flexibility) and is executed with much faster-paced movements. Jazz classes offer a wide variety of musical accompaniments while promoting individual expressions and style.

STJL (All Ages)

Stretch, Turn, Jump, Leap (STJL) focuses on strengthening technique, flexibility, and overall skills. Technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while executing turns, leaps, and extensions, to performing skills properly in a routine. Flexibility is an important component in the execution of technical dance skills because the elasticity of a dancer’s muscles allows the legs to extend fully during leaps, jumps, extensions, and leg grabs. Therefore, exercises to improve flexibility are incorporated into each class.

Acrobatics (All Ages)

This class will improve both strength and flexibility through a thorough warm-up and acrobatic technique. In this class, you will explore hand balancing and basic gymnastics skills, as well as improve range of motion, core strength, posture and overall balance. Acrobatics closely related to gymnastics.

Tumbling (All Ages)

The class will focus on forward and backward tumbling, beyond the basics. Students will successfully master the round-off back handspring and a standing back handspring and a front handspring. Each student will gain strength and power in their tumbling. The athlete will begin skills that will help their bodies develop to be a strong tumbler.

Hip-Hop (All Ages)

Hip-hop dance is closely associated with hip-hop music and it appeals to many people because it is both fun and physically demanding. Hip Hop classes develop strength and stamina along with muscle memory. The classes are fast paced and energetic with new combinations every week. No previous dance training is necessary.


This class is an introduction to the spontaneous movement form known as improvisation. Students will be guided through exercises, experiences, and observations generating movement spontaneously with awareness, skill and expressive clarity in solo, duet, and group settings. Broadening self-awareness and expressive skills in the movement aspects of time, space, energy, shape and dynamics.


Using a combination of Hip-Hop, Acrobatic and entertaining battle moves, break dancing is not only fun but entertaining. This style is popular with our boys, but girls are encouraged to join in the fun. Learn tricks, freezes and street style moves.

Belly Dancing

An Arabic dance form using movements to emphasize one's torso. Belly dancing is a great form of exercise that incorporates expressive gestures. A coin skirt used in this genre creates a fun, musical addition to the class.


This style of dance is attained through sounds created by striking one’s foot using specific shoes known as tap shoes. With using the metal sole and heel of the shoe, rhythms are made by the individual or by a group. Tap is one of the first styles suggested to first time dancers. It is a primary art form and when developed creates beautiful music/sounds.

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