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Class Levels

Ages: 18-24 months

Mommy and Me

This class introduces toddlers to locomotive movement and music. Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along while parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping the little dancer on track.

Ages: 3-5 yrs

Kinder I

This class combines both Ballet and Tap as an introductory lesson designed to develop basic motor skills, musicality, and creative movement. Students learn the disciplinary forms of proper technique, such as the development of balance, leaps, proper arm and feet placements, classroom behavior, and etiquette. This class is geared to children between the ages 3-6.

Ages: 5-6 yrs

Kinder II

Students are introduced to more formal dance technique, which lays the foundation for correct, safe and successful dancing in years to follow. Dancers will expand on the basic steps and terminology from the KI level in ballet and tap, and continue to work on their flexibility in a safe, positive environment. Along with the introduction of more skills and techniques, instructors continue to foster creativity and imagination in class through movement.

Ages: 6-8 yrs


These classes combine a more focused study of fields of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Training in building a strong center, good posture and proper body alignment, obtained by an introduction in traditional barre and center work. Teachers begin to place a strong emphasis on basic terminology.

Ages: 9-13 yrs

Intermediate I

This class is built on the fundamentals of Ballet (balance, control, and flexibility) and is executed with faster-paced movements. The tap portion of the class will concentrate on developing intricate patterns and rhythms, while the jazz portion of the class will develop the student's flexibility and balance skills. Both styles of dance classes offer a wide variety of musical accompaniment while promoting individual expressions and style.

Ages: 12-13 yrs

Intermediate II

Students will continue to learn more intricate skills in Tap, Ballet, and Jazz classes. These classes will help students improve on their leaps, jumps, kicks, extensions, turns, rhythm, and musicality. Building strength and establishing proper body placement are the key goals in this level to continue strengthening students pirouettes, pique turns, and leg extensions.

Ages: 14-18 yrs


Teen classes focus on the core values of technique that strengthen balance, overall flexibility, and performance quality in both Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Contemporary dance styles. This class curriculum is designed to enhance muscle strength, endurance, style and movement expression. Teen level students will continue to build their technique by learning new skills, such as reverse leaps, switch leaps, and leg grab turns.