Ashley Beckno


“Inspire one another with every moment, every breath, and every experience on the dance floor.”

As a Director and Instructor of Paramount Dance Studios, Ashley Beckno is a talented artist, a gifted choreographer, and valuable teacher who continually encourages and inspires her students. Facilitating the aspirations of her students since 2006 when she and her sister, Lianna Reynolds founded Paramount Dance Studios. They believe in engendering students with proper discipline, determination, confidence, and humility to assist them in becoming successful and productive individuals. The art of dance is a compelling form of self-expression that she’s adopted and made her own. Truly embodying her contribution as a choreographer by earnestly sharing her deepest passion with her audience through performances which include, compartmentalized in its realm of Contemporary, Lyrical, African, Hip-hop, Jazz and Ballet to generate dynamic configurations throughout each piece.

Under the artistic direction of Danie Beck and Kimberly Beck-Thompson she trained, studied, and investigated the art of dance for over fifteen years while attending a Performing Arts Middle School and High School in Miami, Florida. In 2006, she founded Paramount Dance Studios in Homestead, Florida with her partner, Lianna Reynolds. In 2011, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration at Florida International University, in hope’s to one day start a non-profit organization for underprivileged youth children in her community. In 2014, Homestead Youth Arts Center was founded with the mission of empowering at-risk youth to fully maximize their potential by fostering their unique abilities through the performing arts. As an active member of the community this year she accepted a position as a committee member and choreographer for International Arts Culture Food Fest & Fashion Show.